"I have been using Laser Dark in Black, Brown, as well as the Finish Coat. About three years ago, when I first started, I went on a laser engraving forum from Epilog and asked "what do I need to began" and a lady said "you gotta get Laser Dark"...and I did. I use it on many of the plaques I do and it really works good."

-M & J Engraving from Theodore, Alabama.


"We originally used the Laser Dark on an order of plaques for the New York Yankees. We wanted the small text and engraving to be dark enough and to stand out. We were very happy with the results. We also use it on Birch as well as Red Alder." 

-Michael from Amazing Wristbands. Houston, Texas


"I have used Laser Dark (brown, black and finish coat) for about 1 ½ years.  I have tried shoe polish and paint. Neither worked at all like the Laser Dark. I would recommend it to anybody in the industry.  It works just like they said it should.  The customers really like the color as it look just like engraving.”

-Bonnie from Laser Graphics. Pewaukee, WI.